Front Winch Bumper(Built/Coated or Kit)

Front Winch Bumper(Built/Coated or Kit)


About our Bumpers:


Now available in a weld it and coat it yourself kit in addition to our built and coated originals.   Got skills?  Save huge!


Serious Real World R+D Engineered.

Tested on the most difficult trails in North America and Asia for over 10 years.

Put into action in commercial and military applications.


These bumpers have been designed from the ground up by Off-Road and Overland G Expert Mike Serpe partnered with Apple and Toyota Master Design Engineer Luke Porter of 4x4 Labs and are handmade made from scratch in the USA.


They have been shipped worldwide and never have we received a single complaint or return. If you are looking for the very best you can purchase. You have found it.  They are sold at the lowest price we can without compromise to achieving the ultimate level of customer satisfaction, performance, and durability.    These bumpers will likely outlast a G, and that is no easy feat.   Several of our customers have moved their bumpers from old Gs to replacement Gs after 100s of thousands of miles.


Our bumpers aren't just for hobby off-roaders:

They are used in forestry, agriculture, ranching, exploration, and geotechnical engineering applications where they get put to the test not just for performance but also for long term durability.


Highest quality virgin steel construction using latest CAD design, computer guided laser and waterjet cutting, master jig joinery for perfect fitment, and exceptionally skilled welding using top notch machines and highly skilled fabrication masters.  To finish it off we use our own oven to bake on a lovely powdercoated finish.


Each G-Wagen USA G bumper includes:


  • Our unique forward angle winch mount allowing for excellent approach angle similar to stock and unmatched by any other.


  • Winch platform pre-drilled to accept a variety of 8,000-10,000 lbs. winchsets.    Designed to protect against winch theft.   


  • 2x D-Ring / Shackle Recovery Points which go straight to the frame of the G meaning you can actually depend on them


  • Mounting Brackets that use original Mercedes frame bolt locations (specify your year and model), so no modification required.


  • Vented Center for airflow to oil coolers and intercoolers


  • Integrated mountings which can support the weight of your G.  Beware of many bumpers on the market that re-use stock brackets or use thinner material.


  • Du