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Ultra Heavy Duty 8270 / 8274 Winch Bumper

Ultra Heavy Duty 8270 / 8274 Winch Bumper


For commericial, hard-core, pro level applications where the toughest bumper combined with the ultimate winch ever manufactured are the best choice.


No options, there is just one version, perfectly designed including integrated 8274 winch tray, forward mount fairlead (blue fairlead is just for fun you can have none for steel cable or any color or just black if you run synthetic line).   


We spent a great deal of time making this winch work with the front grill on the G without needing any trimming.  All previous 8274 installs we could locate required cutting.   This special design allows the winch to be tucked up very close to the grill for maximum approach angle.   Side bumper wings are also designed with taper to allow each of your front wheels the best angle of attack on what's coming, while protecting the entire front of the vehicle.   


This bumper has seen extensive testing both in California ranching, mudslide recovery, as well as with the Taiwan G club on expeditions in Asia.   So far in 8 years none have been bent or damaged. 


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